Here we go again!

Laptop is finally fixed but no camera yet. So no food pictures.

JFI#4 is almost here and I just could not NOT be posting something.

So went back to my old folders and checked to see if there is something that I can use to kickoff my “Flour Event”.

The hunt went on till I found what I was looking for.

“Keema Parathas”.

We are a very non-negetarian household and keema has always been hubby dear’s top 5 non veg dishes.

And these keema parathas and yummilious and almost complete meal on their own.

To the recipe with out any delay.


For Paratha

Add a little salt, one table spoon of oil to wheat flour mix well. Add water and make a stiff dough. Let it sit covered while you make the stuffing.

Ingredients for stuffing

Ground Lamb or Chicken or Turkey – 1 Pound

Finely minced onion- 1/2 cup

Green chillis finely chopped -2

Pinch of turmeric

Salt, red chilli powder, garam masala -according to taste.

1 table spoon oil.


Heat oil in a heavy pan.

Add minced onion and chillis. Fry for a minute.

Add the ground Lamb or Chicken or Turkey. Mix well. Cover and cook for 7-10 minutes on medium heat.

Add all the spices. Mix well and let it cook completely.

Let it cool before you start making parathas.

Take about a big lemon sized dough. Roll it into a small circle, about 3-4 inches diameter. Smear little oil on it.


Make a small lemon sized ball of the stuffing. Put it on the rolled dough and cover holding it in your palm into a nice round ball.


Pretty bad picture but this is all i have in my archives.


Carefully roll this ball into a paratha and fry in on a griddle with little oil/butter till golden brown on both sides.


Hot parathas are ready to enjoy.