Angry Birds 2 Hacks and Cheats

The original Angry Birds was a paid game app which was the model every game maker at the time tried to use to make money. Fast forward to 2015 and the new way to make money is through in-app purchases while giving away the game as a free download. The idea is simple; get people hooked to the game, make advance levels tough to beat and offer to sell power ups and special abilities so players finish the game. But you don’t have to let yourself be ripped off by such schemes, here are Angry Birds 2 hacks and cheats to use in order to avoid shelling out cash:

Free Lives. You don’t have to wait thirty minutes just to continue playing if you run out of lives. Just set the clock of your mobile device a few hours ahead of the actual time and you will automatically recharge. Or you can actually use this to have unlimited lives and gems from this Angry Birds 2 hack

Pick the Right Bird. You can actually arrange the order of birds you fire and you can choose the ones with special abilities that can match the obstacle in the level you’re at.

Be Patient with Your Shots. After you release the first bird, wait a couple of seconds before firing again. Most of the time the first shot will cause something to fall down so you have to wait until everything calms down.

Cancel a Shot After Pullback. You can change birds, even after you’ve pulled back the slingshot. You can then slowly release, but be sure to pull all the way back so you don’t waste a shot and hit nothing.

Get the Free Gifts. Log in everyday to get freebies for the game. If you’re patient enough, you will eventually get what you need to advance.

Keep Playing. The key is to persevere even if you fail a number of times. You will get it, eventually.

Know What Your Birds Can Do. Each bird has a special ability once you unlock them. Just keep them in mind so you’ll know when to use them. Here is a guide:

Blues – for taking out ice blocks. Can split into 3
Chuck – can go through wood. Just tap.
Red – has some gust of wind that can take down obstacles
Terence – Can push through items with its size
Matilda – Can explode up and drop an egg
Silver – For diving attacks.
Bomb – as the name suggests, it explodes after hitting something ot if you tap on it.

Finish Quests. Of course, like all games you get a reward if you finish a mission.


Here we go again!

Laptop is finally fixed but no camera yet. So no food pictures.

JFI#4 is almost here and I just could not NOT be posting something.

So went back to my old folders and checked to see if there is something that I can use to kickoff my “Flour Event”.

The hunt went on till I found what I was looking for.

“Keema Parathas”.

We are a very non-negetarian household and keema has always been hubby dear’s top 5 non veg dishes.

And these keema parathas and yummilious and almost complete meal on their own.

To the recipe with out any delay.


For Paratha

Add a little salt, one table spoon of oil to wheat flour mix well. Add water and make a stiff dough. Let it sit covered while you make the stuffing.

Ingredients for stuffing

Ground Lamb or Chicken or Turkey – 1 Pound

Finely minced onion- 1/2 cup

Green chillis finely chopped -2

Pinch of turmeric

Salt, red chilli powder, garam masala -according to taste.

1 table spoon oil.


Heat oil in a heavy pan.

Add minced onion and chillis. Fry for a minute.

Add the ground Lamb or Chicken or Turkey. Mix well. Cover and cook for 7-10 minutes on medium heat.

Add all the spices. Mix well and let it cook completely.

Let it cool before you start making parathas.

Take about a big lemon sized dough. Roll it into a small circle, about 3-4 inches diameter. Smear little oil on it.


Make a small lemon sized ball of the stuffing. Put it on the rolled dough and cover holding it in your palm into a nice round ball.


Pretty bad picture but this is all i have in my archives.


Carefully roll this ball into a paratha and fry in on a griddle with little oil/butter till golden brown on both sides.


Hot parathas are ready to enjoy.